Our Guiding Philosophy

Our approach begins by building a foundation of trust with our clients through integrity and by adhering to our Core Principles in every phase of our services. Dealing in sensitive information is a part of the EVMS process, so it's important to establish trust with your outsourced project managers. Our Core Principles below show our approach to our work, and we constantly check ourselves against this standard to make sure you are getting the highest quality of service. The result is your business streamlined, and your clients happy.

We believe in listening first to clients while working in a collaborative environment to define engagement goals, objectives, and prioritize expected outcomes
We assist client stakeholders by converting engagement goals into SMART goals (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) to maximize client’s Return on Investment (ROI).
We train client stakeholders throughout the entire engagement life cycle to ensure our accountability and avoid re-work.
No matter complexity or size of engagement we jointly develop an end-to-end project plan (“Plan for the Plan”) to ensure due dates are realistic and obtainable.
We aggressively measure the engagement progress on a regular basis by informing our clients of deliverable performance to-date and reviewing status of future commitments.
Throughout key phases of an engagement life cycle we conduct lessons learned for client stakeholders to determine what worked and what needs to be adjusted.
We use stakeholder lessons learned to implement course corrections throughout the engagement cycle to ensure accurate, beneficial closure and outcome.

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