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Time and again we've seen do-it-yourself attempts at EVMS fail or take too long to be beneficial. With Samos, your staff will be engaged, empowered, and happy.

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Samos Advisors is a leader in the design, development, implementation and operation of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 748 compliant Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). With more than twenty-five years of success in government and private industry, Samos Advisors enables the design, development and deployment of successfully integrated EVM strategies into a company's project planning, project management, and project control processes. You can download a free sample EVMS guidelines and scorecard to get a first hand look!

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Our products and services are tailored to meet a client’s needs for a range of EVMS activities. These include DCMA EVMS system compliance proposal development, process design, schedule and budget baseline, implementation, internal/external reviews, EVMS focal point duties and training. There is no better way to make certain your interests are well represented than to have a Samos Advisor engaged on your behalf with government officials overseeing EVMS compliance, surveillance and your day-to-day EVM operations.

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