Project Management Succeeds When Everyone is on Board.

raining is at the core of our EVMS Roadmap. Our personal approach to training helps serve the needs of the entire project team. By advancing the understanding of EVMS principles to your project team, we enable the improved practice of EVMS protocols and enhance the production of EVMS outcomes. When everyone is on the same page, efficiency is the result.


Examples of our innovative delivery methods include:

1Breaking Down Barriers
Breaking down traditional barriers to EVM learning by moving beyond the classroom and into the workplace to deliver what’s needed to successfully deliver on contract requirements and customer expectations.
2Embracing a Shared Vision
Using shared vision and personal mastery to produce an EVMS-enabled workforce. Our goal is to continually clarify and deepen shared vision among the project team by providing training that integrates the day-to-day operations and tools used by the project team.
3Engaging with Social Media
Incorporating social media into EVMS learning creates opportunities for learners to improve their skills through group learning and systems thinking among the project team members. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how!

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