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Navigating through OSD, DoD and/or agency specific EVMS contractual language is a challenging proposition for Government Stakeholders. Samos Advisors educates Government proposal teams members on EVMS polices, standards, and reporting requirements best suited for future Government project manager needs.

Our collective Government and Contractor experience provides project stakeholders with a unique perspective on practical EVMS implementation solutions to meet today’s Government dynamic mission requirements. We provide Government Stakeholders with real-world and cost saving proposal solutions as not to drive-up unnecessary project costs once Government contractors begin to fore-fill their EVMS contractual reporting obligations.


Our Proposal Support Includes:

- We assist the Government proposal teams by developing the EVMS SOW to ensure all relevant OSD, DoD and/or agency polices are accounted in the Government solicitation

- We also design EIA-748 EVMS compliant solicitations and/or tailored EVMS DID/CDRL reporting requirements as not to overly burden both Government and Contractor stakeholders in the implementation of EVMS after contract award

Sample EVMS Timeline

- Click on the following Link: Sample EVMS Implementation Timeline to better understand the sequence EVMS implementation activities from ATP through EVMS Compliance.

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