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Asking the right questions and becoming aware of the answers are often the first and best step in determining if EVMS and our services is right for you. The following best project management and EVM practices shown below can be easily implemented on any project regardless of contract type, size, and complexity. Do your projects contain both Project Management and EVMS best management practices as described below? How will the company culture accept or reject implementing new or modifying management practices?


Government EVMS Reporting Analysis

- Provide constructive feedback to Government and Contractor stakeholders on EVMS CDRL Submissions (e.g., IPMR, CPR, IMS, CWBS Dictionary)

- Provide Government Stakeholders with EVMS / Schedule Trend Analysis Reports to determine final project costs

- Provide guidance on how to integrate Risk/Opportunity Management with EVMS reporting assessing the need for funds contingency

- Support Government Stakeholders in Monthly Operating Reviews with Contractor staff members

- Work diligently with Contractor corporate EVMS Focal points to facilitate EVMS implementation concerns or issues

Government Reviews

We have prepared, trained, supported and/or facilitated or 70+ Government / Contractor Reviews. Our easy to use questionnaires, templates, forms, mock review techniques, data collection and analysis makes its it easy for the Government program manager and staff members to reach their desired outcomes.

Our Government review services include the following: develop simplified review agendas; define review objectives, goals and desired outcomes. We specialize in the design of review content, team preparation, training, facilitation services and closeout activities for the following Government reviews:

- Post Award Conference (PAC)

- Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs)

- EVMS Surveillance

- EVMS Compliance Reviews
Contact us how the Contract Implementation Review (CIR) is a best practice precursor review the to IBR

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