Cost Effective Innovation

Our team of professionals works closely with company executives and project management teams to deliver innovative, cost-effective management solutions.

Regardless if your project has an EVMS reporting requirement Samos Advisors has the experience to assist your needs in developing project implementation schedules, project schedule and budget baselines, and business rhythm calendars. We have experience in leading contract start-up activities or conducting gap analysis assessments to determine maturity levels in areas of people, management processes, tools, and training needs.

Samos Advisors is available to support a client's need to engage government customers during the Program Management Review (PMR) or Business Management Review (BMR). We have witnessed the importance of demonstrating the use of EVMS during the PMR and BMR. The integration of EVMS outputs during the PMR and/or BMR demonstrates a commitment to compliance with contract requirements and a disciplined use of EVMS as a part of client's program management practices.

We approach every project with a tried and true infrastructure that keeps the bigger picture in focus while providing a full spectrum pathway for the entire project life cycle.

Our project management and project performance techniques are just one piece of the puzzle we offer at Samos Advisors.


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